About Us

Who we are

Thai Charoen Computer Co., Ltd. [TCCBANGKOK] was established on July 26th, 2002 by team of top business executives having high experience in importing and distributing of computer related accessories like CD-R, DVD-R, full range of Speakers etc., for over 13 years in Thailand. Simply with the policy of sincere hard working and honestly to our buyers and our sellers we have achieved the big growth as one of the top three ranking in our field starting from a small trading company. Our brand for all kind of speakers are “Music-DJ” and “Microlab” and we have copy paper / color photo paper “A-JET” “R-JET” “E-JET” and “K-JET” are widely accepted in our market as per our policy of quick replacement by new for the just delivered products or quick repairing and servicing for the sold item within warrantee period. And for the most reliable CD-R, DVD-R of PRINCO Taiwan, we have become biggest distributer in Thailand.

All the time, the key of success, we paid our best attention to product’s quality and make a good service to the customers. We always improve and develop our products to latest technology to serves our customer’s satisfaction and also, we take care of our customer’s satisfaction. That’s why we can walk along with competitors to be big agent in Thailand until now.

Out next step is to expand and increase the Earphone and Bluetooth, variously to respond the fast growing market, also as per customer’s demand and requirement. So, we build up the website to be a choice. Customers can go through our website to pick up and order our products easily.
If you have any questions or would like to order, please feel free to contact us at mobile phone no.:
081-341-3744 or send inquiry e-mail to us from Monday – Saturday, 9.00 – 18.00
We sincerely welcome all inquiries by e-mail and over phone.